“Video for Volunteers” Talk

I had a fun and interesting time talking to the Connecticut Forest   & Park Association’s “Winter Trails Workshop” this weekend.   They asked me to present to CFPA members and folks from various land trusts and other organizations about the videos I’ve produced about their work.  (The talk was entitled “Video for Volunteers”.)

I’ve spent most of my career pointing the camera and spotlight away from myself, so it’s always a little nerve-wracking when I have to be the center of attention, however briefly.  Luckily I had a “Keynote” presentation (the Apple version of Powerpoint) to fall back on.  My first time using that application; it was easy and fun to create a pretty slick presentation that included slides and videos.

The crowd of 30+ was appreciative and inquisitive.   The CFPA staff were, of course, very helpful and professional.  I overcame my jitters and we had a good discussion about low-cost video, how it can be done, and what volunteer organizations can get out of it.  If you’re interested in the topic, drop me a line.

About Bill

I’m Bill Flood, a writer and TV producer based in Connecticut. I currently work part-time for The Connecticut Network (CT-N), and the rest of the time for whomever has an interesting project. My work has aired on TLC, CourtTV, truTV, NBC, dozens of local TV stations across the country, and on WebMD.com. I’m available as a video field producer, web producer, writer of articles or press releases, or any other media project you might have in mind. Call or email to discuss rates and deliverables.
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