“Let Me Be” Music Video

Great fun working on the latest project, a performance video of The Side Doors.  We were very lucky to have a great space for the shoot, the Nilsson Spring Street Studio & Gallery. The band performed for a small group of friends and relatives.  Shot on three different cameras, (but primarily Eric Van Tassell’s Canon DSLR), the piece was edited with the new Final Cut Pro X software.  FCPX ticked off a lot of professional editors when it was unveiled, but I found it incredibly easy to do two essential things:  1) Color balancing the 3 VERY different cameras was a breeze.  2) Syncing sound from a separate audio recorder (the Zoom H1) to the camera audio was virtually effortless — without even using an audio slate.

The second point was particularly important, as the band sounded great.  The technology and Eric’s “floating” wide-angle camera work conveyed the sound, energy and intimacy of the night.  (I ran the cut-away camera, a tape-based Canon HV20.)  But enough about the tech-end of things.  Click on the video above and groove to the original tune “Let Me Be” by vocalist/guitarist Colleen Seymour.   Look for more videos to come, and some studio tracks as well.  Rock on, brothers and sisters.

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