Video: The Natchaug Trail

Here’s one of my latest videos in a series called “Tales From the Trails” which I am shooting, writing, and editing.  The idea is to highlight some of the “Blue Trails” in Connecticut and promote them as destinations for people in and out of the state.  The project is funded by Connecticut’s Offices of Culture & Tourism as part of the “Still Revolutionary” campaign.

It’s been a fun, and challenging, project.  Challenging to schedule shoots around the weather, challenging to learn a new edit system (FCPX), and sometimes challenging hiking up those all those hills to get some pretty shots!

Seven of the videos are already online; the final three will be out shortly.  Stay tuned!

About Bill

I’m Bill Flood, a writer and TV producer based in Connecticut. I currently work part-time for The Connecticut Network (CT-N), and the rest of the time for whomever has an interesting project. My work has aired on TLC, CourtTV, truTV, NBC, dozens of local TV stations across the country, and on I’m available as a video field producer, web producer, writer of articles or press releases, or any other media project you might have in mind. Call or email to discuss rates and deliverables.
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